Breakout! Business & Transformational

Coaching and Consulting


Break Out!

of being stuck, under-productive, or over-stressed.

Spiral Up!

to breakthrough performance, results, and profits.


Get your business unstuck, shift it into high gear to multiply profits!

Discover hidden strengths to leverage and weaknesses to repair.

Generate enthusiastic buy-in to dramatically improve results.

Build a great idea into a thriving business or profitable new product line.

Find or create a job that fits your gifts, needs & lifestyle


We can help you and your company multiply profits

by discovering hidden strengths and weaknesses

with our powerful leadership and organizational assessments...

and then we’ll help you put this knowledge to work to create breakthrough results

(For Breakout! Business process see steps below)

The Breakout Code

(SpiralUp! to Breakthrough)

1.Reset  (Stop; assess where now – challenges/assets/context; what is real?)

2.Reframe (clarify direction; rethink options; think up more)

3.Reprioritize (set goals, strategy, action plan; confidently launch into action)

4.Relate (strengthen communications; develop EQ; get help from vital people)

5.Repeat (implement new habits/structures; steward & increase resources)

6. Reform (breakthrough to whole new level of performance & results)